Selling Jewellery has never been easier, thanks to various options that are available today in the market and buyers who are eager to buy Jewellery from those who are Selling them. Did you know Selling Jewellery today has become one of the most resorted options when it comes to generating instant cash? With the increasing price of Gold, Selling Gold Jewellery today has been seen as the best decision when it comes to getting higher returns on investments. And when it comes to selecting a good buyer we recommend ourselves because we are the only buyers who have a client reference system.

At Grace City Jewellers we offer you high rewards as points and cash when you bring references to us from whom we can purchase any items worth $800. But how can you bring your reference?
Here are some tips which you could follow that can help you do so

  • Hold a small party or get-together at your home and call all potential friends and family whom you think can have enough unused Gold to sell.
  • You can also ask your friends and family to recommend people whom they know who would like to sell their Gold or are in need of immediate cash.
  • Prepare a display stand where you might keep some examples of Gold and the value it has when you sell them. A live example will always convince people and will help them to make better decisions.
  • The biggest hurdle when it comes to Selling Gold Jewellery is that people do not know what to sell. It is up to you to tell them about various types of Gold Jewellery that are capable of Selling.
  • Make a small business card and give out at the party so that people can contact you when they would like to sell their jewelries.

At Grace City Jewellers, we purchase anything of value. Gold, Diamonds, Scrap Gold, watches, coins, Antiques, Antique Silver and MORE. And the best part is that you get instant cash for your transactions!