Facts About Diamonds

Selling Diamonds is a great way to raise some money but are you sure that you completely understood the value of this stone. Grace City has been dealing with buyers and sellers for more than a decade and notice that some merchants exploit the ignorance of customers who are Selling Diamond.


Facts about Diamonds are truly fascinating and this is why you need to know them!

  • Diamonds are a natural mineral, which is entirely made up of carbon. It takes around 1 million grams of raw materials to produce 5 grams of Diamond but only 1 gram will be ideal for creating Jewellery. This is why Diamonds are considered as precious and is very expensive. Most of the Diamond generated from mining is used for industrial purposes.
  • Though commonly used Diamonds are white in color, they can be found in other colors as well. Colored Diamonds are called fancies and people often believe that these are not Diamonds.
  • The quality and value of Diamond is determined by the cut, color, clarity, size and weight. The clear, transparent white Diamonds are very expensive but the dirty yellow color variations that are commonly used in the industry are considered as the lowest quality Diamonds.
  • Most Diamonds are formed by several millions of years and the youngest ones itself are usually 1 billion years old!

Now, you know that your Diamond is a very precious stone and simply giving it away is not the right thing to do. This is why you need to find a reputable seller for Selling Diamond.

We at Grace City ensure that all our sellers get the best possible price on their Diamond as well as other precious ornaments. To know more about our services, you can contact us through phone or email.