The Best Way To Get Maximum Cash!

When it comes to Sell Diamond Jewellery, finding a trustworthy buyer is your first priority. The market today might come up with various buyers who would readily be available when you sell Diamond Jewellery. Unfortunately, in my extensive experience in this industry I have observed that numerous stores and other agencies come up with promises to give the best rates when it comes to Selling your Jewellery. However, everyone fails to deliver their promise because commissions in the form of middlemen and other brokers take away your money and leave you in utmost dissatisfaction.

This undoubtedly became the reason why I thought about bringing my own store that will be helping customers to get what they expect. Here, at Grace City we provide a streamlined and no-nonsense operation that makes transactions hassle free and fast. Our highly trained team will analyze your Diamond Jewellery and other precious metals and give the best rate than they deserve. Selling Diamond Jewellery to us means that you are in total control of your transaction with a guaranteed expectation of 100% satisfaction. Here, you do not have to go through the hassle of money transfers, cheque payments and other modes of transactions, but we offer you instant cash for your jewelleries.

We being a family operated business have very low overhead operation costs which make us get rid of middlemen and other brokers. This is the reason why we are capable of giving you the best rates in the industry. Choosing us will never leave you in any room for disappointment because we have been blessed with a very loyal customer base and a service of more than 13 years have established us to a magnitude that makes us the first priority when it comes to quality dealing. At Grace City, we purchase anything of value. Gold, Diamond, Scrap Gold, Watches, Coins, Antiques, Antique silver and more.