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At Grace City Jewellers, we pride ourselves on being Sydney’s highest paying Gold and Gold Jewellery Buyers.

Selling your Gold with us is simple, straightforward and hassle free. Our friendly team located in our CBD office work directly with you, to remove unnecessary waiting times and ensure that we always get the highest price in cash for you, guaranteed.


Selling your gold with us takes just a few simple steps:


  • Make an appointment with our family-run team of Gold buyers at our Sydney CBD office.
  • Come into our easily accessible CBD location. We can be reached by public transport or have street parking close by our store.
  • Our professional Gold Buyers will assess your gold on the sot and give you the highest price for your pieces.
  • Our Gold Buyer will assist you with any queries you may have
  • You will receive the highest price in cash on the spot!


The types of Gold that we buy:


  • Gold Jewellery: We remove any stones that you wish to keep from your jewellery, or purchase it with the stones included.
  • Gold and Diamond Jewellery: We purchase Diamonds as well! We will pay you the highest price in cash for your Diamond Jewellery in Sydney.
  • Gold Coins: We purchase all types of Gold Coins and collectables.
  • Scrap Gold: Broken chains, scratched jewellery or old unwanted pieces are all of value to us and we pay the highest price in Sydney for these!


We work around the clock to get the highest price in cash for your Gold.

We work closely with you to ensure you receive the most confidential, comfortable and hassle-free service.

Call Grace City Jewellers today and we will help you with any questions you have and assist you in getting the highest price in cash for your Gold!

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